DeVault Electric is the trusted premier source of quality and experienced electrical contracting services in Kingman, the surrounding areas, and throughout Arizona. We have gained our reputation as a leader in the industry through our integrity, attention to detail and our dedication to exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. Your happiness is our top priority, and we make it our mission to guarantee your satisfaction. All of our electricians are accredited, licensed, bonded and insured so you can have peace of mind that your electrical requirements are in very capable hands.

The highly skilled electrical contractors at DeVault Electric specialize in a comprehensive array of services and take pride in producing quality workmanship to meet today’s strict industry standards. From repairs on existing electrical systems to all aspects of new construction and everything in between, we serve residential, commercial and industrial clients alike. Our experienced electrical contractors can design, install and maintain your solar grids and panels, set up a standby generator system, build telecommunication power systems, EMS systems, or even install energy efficient lighting systems.

Whatever your electrical needs, our competent and dedicated team takes great pleasure in fulfilling them. No project is too large or too small for the experienced electrical contractors at DeVault Electric.


DeVault Electric provides complete, dependable and state of the art electrical services from origination to launch for your industrial new construction.

Right from the conception of your project, DeVault Electric is prepared to collaborate with your design team to create a state of the art electrical plan for your industrial new construction. We take the time to understand your vision so that we may fulfill your needs during our drafting process. Keeping your objectives in mind, we endeavor to maximize your productivity and profitability while staying within your budget. By using the most technologically advanced materials and up to date construction disciplines, we can give you a strategic and tactical advantage without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Throughout the scope of the project, DeVault Electric maintains its focus on your vision so we can provide you a turnkey cutting edge facility. We place strict demands on superior workmanship and compliance with all state and federal regulations to ensure operational efficiency and facility safety. With an eye to the future, DeVault Electric will put the foundation in place now, so electrical expansion and technological updates will be seamless and trouble-free. From basic low and high voltage wiring to the most advanced and energy efficient applications, DeVault Electric is qualified and ready to complete your industrial new construction.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none at DeVault Electric. We stand by our work with a warranty.


  • Primary voltage distribution, transformation and cabling
  • Power and lighting utility service (200-4000A)
  • 480 volt, 3 phase distribution systems
  • 208 volt, 3 phase distribution systems
  • 240 volt, 3 phase and single phase distribution systems
  • Electrical connections to industrial equipment
  • 3 phase and single phase power transformers
  • Control panel wiring
  • Interior and exterior lighting
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From bid to completion, the experienced team of electricians at DeVault Electric will help make your commercial new construction project a smooth and successful one.

By utilizing DeVault Electric from the onset of your commercial new construction project, you give us the opportunity to employ our knowledge of materials, building practices and technology to save you time, hassle and money. Every day that your building stays unoccupied is a day of missed potential revenue. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and take pride in our ability to complete the electrical contracting services for your commercial new construction on time.

Our expert commercial electrical contractors will work closely with you in the design phases of your commercial new construction. We make sure that your visions are brought to life and that no details are left out. We will cover all of the basic electrical features that fit your needs as well as more advanced technological applications such as EMS (energy management systems), telecommunication power systems and standby generator systems that you may require. DeVault Electric will make certain to lay the groundwork now so that when the time comes to expand your electrical or technological capabilities, the framework will already be in place.

As we do with all of our services, DeVault Electric makes customer service and your satisfaction our top priorities. We keep this in the forefront of our minds when in the construction phases of your commercial new construction. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, complying with commercial codes and safety requirements, and completing work within your budget. Our experienced electricians will serve you with competent and professional workmanship and dedicate ourselves to assuring your customer satisfaction. We are confident that we will make your partnership with DeVault Electric on your commercial new construction a positive one.


DeVault Electric provides complete and comprehensive electrical contracting services to General Contractors and home builders for all phases of new residential construction.

Home building can be a stressful time for the new home owner. Whether you are building your first home or your dream home, DeVault Electric pledges to provide exceptional customer service to make the experience a pleasant one. From the planning stages to the certificate of occupancy, our dedicated team delivers high quality electrical contractor services to every aspect of the residential new construction project.

We collaborate with contractors and builders during the project development stage of your new construction. Providing guidance with conceptualizing your electrical needs and wants, assisting with the budgeting process, creating layouts and drawing up plans are some of the services we provide in the preconstruction stages.

During the construction phase of your residential new construction, we at DeVault Electric take pride in providing you with the most prompt and professional services in the industry. We make it our goal to meet all deadlines on time, assure code compliance in order to pass all inspections the first time, and stay within the budget. Our electricians truly enjoy what they do and undertake every job with the kind of attention to detail that we know you require, and which gives you peace of mind.


  • Project budget assistance
  • Whole house electrical plan layout and design
  • New construction and custom home wiring
  • Code compliance
  • Installation of safety features – circuit protectors, smoke detectors


With the abundance of sunlight available in Arizona, building a solar grid-tied system is an outstanding money saving investment idea.

A solar grid-tied system connects your installed PV (photovoltaic) solar panels and components into the “grid” or electric supply company. Your solar panels generate and supply energy to provide power to your home or building for daily use. If not enough power is produced, the solar grid-tied system pulls electricity from the grid as needed. When an excess of power exists through production from your solar panels, that excess is essentially pushed back into the grid for use by others. This reduces your energy consumption and saves you money. Batteries can be added to a strictly grid-tied system to continue to allow for power even if the grid goes down.

Choosing the right PV solar panels, inverters, batteries and other components can be a daunting task. Knowing where and how to install your solar panels and how large a system you require takes a specific set of skills. The experts at DeVault Electric can take the guess work out of the design and installation of a solar grid-tied system. You can rely on our electricians to utilize their knowledge of materials and components in creating your solar system.

In order to keep your solar grid-tied system operating properly and efficiently, solar panel maintenance and inspection should be performed at regular intervals throughout the year. To avoid putting yourself in a potentially unsafe situation or risking possible damage to your solar equipment, let DeVault Electric implement a maintenance program for your solar panels and other components.

Arizona is an ideal location for solar systems thanks to the wealth of year round sunshine we experience. Installing a solar grid-tied system is an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly means of saving money. Our experienced technicians will handle all the required permits, design and build your system and even conduct maintenance on your solar panels and components. Solar grid-tied systems are expandable as well, so your system can grow as needed. DeVault Electric can provide for all of your solar needs.


DeVault Electric can reduce the enormous energy consumption and resulting high costs of electric lighting by installing an energy efficient lighting system in your home or business.


In the United States, electric lighting represents an astounding 25% of the energy consumption in our homes. Commercially, that figure rises to more than 30% of a business owner’s budget. Compounding the already staggering use of our resources, lighting is also a major producer of internal heat. This boosts our power usage by increasing our cooling needs. You can realize immense financial savings and reduce the consumption of our precious resources by having DeVault Electric create an energy efficient lighting system for your home or building.


The specialists at DeVault Electric will consult with you to establish your requirements and design an energy efficient lighting system that balances performance with aesthetic needs. By matching the appropriate lighting equipment with the proper lighting controls, we can reduce operational costs and actually improve lighting quality.


We choose your lighting equipment and lamp selection based on factors such as energy efficiency and temperature output, color rendering properties, life expectancy, cost and availability for your specific application.

  • Linear fluorescent lighting (T8 and T5 bulbs) – Advances have been made to fluorescent lighting making it even more efficient, providing greater illumination and better ambient color, and eliminating that annoying flicker. Energy efficient ballasts are paired with fluorescent lights to allow for the most economical use of power.
  • CFL – Compact fluorescent lamps run significantly cooler, use up to 2/3 less energy to operate and last as much as 10 times longer than incandescent lighting.
  • LED lighting – LED’s (light emitting diodes) are being used in an increasingly greater number of applications, largely due to their extremely long life span and virtual lack of maintenance.
  • HID lighting – High intensity discharge lamps provide the best performance and efficiency for illuminating large areas with high levels of light, such as warehouses, parking lots and outdoor activity areas.


We then couple this equipment with the proper lighting controls to give to your energy efficient lighting system flexibility. By controlling the number of hours or intensity at which your lighting is operating, DeVault Electric can reduce your power consumption and extend the life of your equipment.

  • Dimmer controls give you flexibility to make any space a more comfortable and productive environment.
  • Interior occupancy sensors turn lights on and off based on whether a room is occupied or empty.
  • Exterior motion detectors will conserve resources by illuminating an outdoor area only when light is needed.
  • Daylight sensors automatically turn lights on or off, or dim them, depending on the amount of daylight in the lighted area so you only use energy when necessary.


Let DeVault Electric help you save money and reduce the demand on natural resources by establishing an energy efficient lighting system for you. It is a low risk, high return investment.



The highly qualified electricians at DeVault Electric have the experience and expertise to manage all of your industrial electrical service and repair needs.

It is common practice for many companies to conduct routine preventative maintenance and service programs to keep equipment working properly and efficiently. This effective cost saving practice can help prevent equipment failures and breakdowns, as well as outages in electrical systems. Avoiding service interruptions and production downtime by utilizing these practices will save you time and money. Preventative maintenance is a proactive strategy that can promote safety in your business by identifying potential problems before they become actual work hazards. Part of your business plan should include a preventative maintenance and service schedule utilizing DeVault Electric’s respected Industrial Service and Repair program.

When repair needs do arise, the specialists at DeVault Electric can get you back up and running again quickly. We utilize the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot your electrical problems. Our electricians are trained to make all industrial electrical repairs from the simple to the complex, while ensuring compliance with state and federal codes and regulations. We undertake all of your industrial service and repair needs with safety in the forefront of our minds and with the timeliness that you require to minimize downtime.

DeVault Electric has the specialized mastery of electrical practices to manage all of your industrial service and repair needs and keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. We can develop and implement a scheduled service and maintenance program that will help to prevent problems from arising. When repairs are needed, as they inevitably will be, we have competent and learned technicians who can quickly diagnose and correct any electrical problem. We cover all aspects of industrial service and repair to create a worry free experience for you.


Our industrial repair services include:

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Code violation consultation and repair
  • Installations
  • Electrical machinery hook-ups
  • Motor controls
  • Control panels
  • Renovations and upgrades


DeVault Electric is proficient in any commercial electrical application and can diagnose, repair, upgrade, install or restore your commercial electric service, no matter the size or nature.

Improperly functioning electrical components or systems can hinder a business owner’s ability to run a successful business, and this effects the bottom line – profit. Commercial electrical service and repair demands a greater expertise than residential service and repair. The experienced electricians at DeVault Electric are knowledgeable and up to date on the latest commercial codes and regulations. This ensures that projects will be done safely and correctly, the first time, so you can quickly get back to making money.

With today’s technological demands, many business may be operating with insufficient electrical capacity for their ever growing commercial needs. Electrical panels may be undersized or be equipped with old or outdated components and wiring. Existing computer circuits may be overloaded by sharing circuits with other appliances or equipment, rather than being on their own dedicated circuits.   Electrical surges and power losses to your computers means a drop in productivity and potentially high replacement costs.

Lighting needs are important in commercial applications as well. In addition to being a crime deterrent, exterior lighting is vital for the image of your business. Proper parking lot lighting is a security necessity. The right office lighting can promote productivity, while the appropriate illumination for displays or merchandise will increase aesthetic appeal.

DeVault Electric offers safe and energy efficient solutions to your commercial electric service and repair needs. Updating commercial electrical equipment increases both safety and functionality. Many upgrades can reduce business costs which serve to impact your bottom line.


Our commercial electric services and repairs include:

  • Diagnostic and repair services
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Commercial efficient lighting
  • Commercial safety and security
  • Electrical system maintenance
  • Surge and circuit protection
  • 3 Phase power


If you need electricity for your home, building, or any other application, but utility services are not readily available, DeVault Electric can build an off grid solar system to suit all of your electrical needs.

An off grid solar system differs from a grid-tied solar system in that it is not connected to and operates independently from the “grid” or electric supply company. It is a solar power supply system that generates energy from the use of PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, stores that electricity in batteries and transfers that power to your home, building, boat, RV or other application for daily use. An off grid solar system must be of adequate size and efficiency to be able to produce enough electricity to supply 100 % of the required usage of the chosen application. It should also contain components to monitor and keep the usage below the maximum output of the panels as there is no utility service connected to this type of system. Standby generator systems are often installed for use as backup when needed at night or for cloudy weather.

You may require electricity in an area that a utility company does not service or where it may be cost inhibitive to run power lines. An off grid solar system will provide the electricity that you need. DeVault Electric specializes in the design and installation of a complete off grid solar system. Our technicians have the training and experience to create and implement an efficient setup that will ensure continuous electrical power to your application. We choose the precise equipment for your location, including the appropriate size and number of PV solar panels and an ample battery bank to create and store power. Our electricians will complete the installation with all the necessary components to transfer that power for your use. We will even install a standby generator as a backup to deliver seamless power should the need arise.

When relying on an off grid solar system, it is critical that your equipment continues to operate properly and efficiently. Solar panel maintenance and inspection should be performed periodically throughout the year. DeVault Electric is a full service electrical contractor proficient in all solar applications. Let us design and build your off grid solar system and implement a maintenance program for your solar panels and other components.


Whether you are using solar power or are connected to the electrical grid, never find yourself without electricity by contracting with DeVault Electric to professionally install a standby generator system.

When the power goes out everything comes to a screeching halt. Home life is put on hold, and your business cannot function. A standby generator system is designed to keep electrical appliances and lights operating during a power outage – automatically! You don’t have to do anything. Electricity is seamlessly restored and you can get back to living.

A standby generator system is comprised of two main components, the standby generator unit and a standby switch. The power supply to your home or business is constantly monitored and in the event of an outage, your generator automatically switches on, even if you are not present. Power is restored and will stay on until the outage is over and electricity is again supplied to your home or business. The generator is connected to either your existing natural gas or liquid propane service so there is no need for refueling.

DeVault Electric will guide you through every step of pairing the right standby generator system with your needs. The generator that is right for your application will depend on which circuits you require or desire to maintain functionality during a power outage. An Essential Circuit Generator will restore power to some selected lights and appliances. A Managed Whole Home Generator can administer enough energy to supply power to a home as long as all appliances are not used simultaneously. A Complete Whole Home Generator will provide ample electricity to power every circuit in any sized home. Various sizes of Commercial Generators can also be selected to serve your needs and keep your business operating during an outage.

DeVault Electric’s experts will permanently and professionally connect a standby generator system to your existing power supply and either your natural gas or liquid propane service. That means no unsafe or unsightly extension cords are present, and there is no need to monitor your fuel levels. Let us install a standby generator system to provide you with reliable and automatic backup electricity so you are never left stranded without power.